Unit Meeting Planner 2023-2024

Unit Meetings

The Board of the Rogue Valley League has decided to adapt to the realities of the last few years and change the way members participate in League activities. Our old method of monthly meetings in person has become unsustainable. We want to continue to offer meaningful member interactions, but not on a monthly basis, and not necessarily planned for everyone-all-at-once. Instead, we propose quarterly meetings such as:

  • Fall program on elections/government
  • A holiday social meeting for fundraising and charitable giving
  • Field trips in Spring
  • Annual Meeting

In addition, we want to offer a chance to talk with our fellow members about topics of interest in Unit Meetings that could be organized as smaller groups according to member preferences.

What is a Unit Meeting and how can I particpate?

Units are open to any issue that the League considers, follows or for which we may have a position. It could be an action item, a voter service project, a literature review, ballot measure discussions, update and consequences of election results, time to teach yourself the details of a government policy in your area, chance to share what you know on a subject, or even a ‘kaffe klatch’ to simply discuss issues.

If you have an idea for a topic you would like to discuss with other LWV members, run your idea by the board for approval. Once it’s approved, you can fill out a LWVRV Unit Planner Form with details and send it to the board chair.

LWVRV Unit Planner Form. This is a fillable pdf form that you can save, type into, and email to the chair, or print out, fill out by hand and mail to LWVRV, P.O. Box 8555, Medford, OR 97501.

As members form Units, we will publish information about the Units in the newsletter and on the website, as well as via email to members. If you see a Unit topic that you are interested in, just contact the member who is facilitating the Unit and attend their meeting.

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