2018 General Election Oregon – Nov 6 BallotMeasures

Ballot Measures – Reference Bllotpedia a non partisan information.





LRCA Measure 102 Housing Allows cities and counties to use bonds to fund privately owned affordable housing.
CICA Measure 103 Taxes In Oregon, groceries are not subject to a statewide sales tax. Measure 103 would prevent the enactment or increase of any state or local tax, fee, or assessment on the sale of ‘groceries’ including restaurants. This is a state wide measure and would limit local control.
CICA Measure 104 Budget Oregon Legislature already requirement a 3/5ths vote for “raising revenue”. Measure 104 would add; any fees, tax credits or deductions. Measure would amended the Oregon Constitution.
CISS Measure 105 Immigration Repeals law forbidding state or local resources from being used to to enforce Federal Laws. Specificity federal immigration laws.
CICA Measure 106 Abortion Prohibits public funds from being spent on abortions. Measure would amend the Oregon Constitution.