Local LWV Study Reports

The National LWV Clearinghouse shares League studies and documents provided by some 800 national, state and local Leagues.

Studies completed by LWV Oregon are available at Oregon League Archive of Studies.

Below are study reports by the LWV Rogue Valley. This is not a complete archive of all reports.

2012 Children at Risk in the Rogue Valley

Homeless Youth Study 2006 (State Study 2005-2007) 

The League of Women Voters of Rogue Valley and the City of Ashland have studied the problem of homeless and runaway youth in Jackson County, along with a State League study initiated by the League of Umpqua Valley.

Land Use Survey 2006 – Citizen Involvement in Land Use Decisions – Issue for Emphasis

The LWV of Rogue Valley has taken action in support of open citizen participation in local government. Under Goal One of Oregon’s land use goals and guidelines, every Oregon municipality and county must have a plan for open citizen involvement in the land use decision-making process.

Additional Information on Oregon Land Use Planning:

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