Observer Corps

2016 June Observer LWVRV Commissioner

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Observer Corps volunteers attend public meetings of local government. The purpose is to observe and report on the meetings of government bodies.   Observers do not  participate in the meetings. They observe and write a brief report so that League members can find out what took place.

The report is one page and takes note if the meeting started on time: If the agenda was followed: If the agenda was posted ahead of time. Observer Corps Form

Observers have been successful in monitoring government bodies, suggesting changes and finding out how government works.

The League of Women Voters Rogue Valley has made a difference in government through the past decades.  When a study has been completed the members vote on a position. When a policy of interest is on an agenda of a local government, the league will present or advocate about the policy based on the studied position.

Our organization members include a diverse collection of political opinions but the advocacy is based on a study and consensus position.  The League of Women Voters do political advocacy but are not politically partisan.