Children At Risk LWVOR

In 2012 our local league completed 20121228-CHILDREN-AT-RISK-IN-THE-ROGUE-VALLEY. In 2014 the Oregon League proposed an update to the State position with a Children at Risk study that went to Consensus Questions-2-27-2015.

Topic: Oregon League of Women Voters (state-wide) Children-at-Risk-Study
This study examines how the most vulnerable children in our state are identified and receive early intervention services that may enhance their chances to thrive in life. It specifically addresses:

  • recent changes: in legislation relating to early learning;
  • restructuring and delivery of services in Oregon at state, county and local levels for children 0-6 (including 0-8 for 3rd grade reading assessments);
  • flow of federal and state funding, passed through to local Oregon communities;
  • refinement of a quantifiable data system evaluating effectiveness of interventions, funding efficiencies, and tracking those historically under served.